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decorative roof trim

Welcome to Caribbean Gingerbread

Imagine yourself returning home after a long day at work and a mind-numbing commute. It may be easy for you since you may live that every day. Now imagine yourself pulling into your driveway and being instantly transported to an oceanfront cottage in the Caribbean or a storybook chalet.

From the moment your home greets you, you know you are in your favorite place. Bring home the memories and style that relax and rejuvenate you with exterior house trim from Caribbean Gingerbread.

Our collection of running trim, decorative roof trim and gable trim will transform your house into the oasis you dream of. With dozens of Caribbean and Victorian gingerbread styles to choose from and customized options, we make it easy for you to select, order and even install this simple architectural feature that will make all the difference.

gable trim

gable trim Here are the steps for ordering:
  • Choose a style
  • Choose a material
  • Measure your house
  • Determine how many lengths are needed
  • Determine the mounting method
  • Determine which height to order
  • Go to Order page to view pricing & place your order