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Measuring & Mounting

  • Measure your house.

    Measure along the roof line of your house to determine the overall length of the areas that you wish to apply the trim.

  • Determine how many lengths are needed.

    Each style of gingerbread trim is made in sections 94" (or 239 cm) in length. When the sections are installed end to end the pattern is continuous. Divide the trim length into the overall length needed and this will give you the number of sections to order. We highly recommend ordering at least one extra piece, or one piece for every ten on larger jobs. This will assure that you will not run short in case of cutting errors or miscalculation. It is more expensive to manufacture and ship one piece later than to include it with your original order. Sometimes extra pieces are needed to keep the pattern aligned when going around corners.

  • Determine the mounting method

    While every installation is unique, many fall into one of the following two categories:

    Face Mount
    mounting decorative roof trim

    Under-Eave Mount
    mounting decorative roof trim

  • Determine which height to order.

    Each pattern of decorative roof trim is available in 3 heights. The height you select will be based on the mounting method that is suitable for your home.