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Caribbean Gingerbread FAQs

Is Gingerbread right for my home?

Caribbean Gingerbread trim will work for most types of houses and roof styles. Refer to our Measuring & Mounting page for typical roof style illustrations.

How do I determine which material I should use?

Click on Material Selection for a description of the available materials. If you are looking for a different material, you may call us at (305) 871-4753 or email to:

How do I determine how much I need?

Go to the Measuring & Mounting page for detailed instructions.

How can I tell how tall each pattern is?

Go first to the Styles & Prices page, click the Order/Pricing button next to your style, then click How tall is the Trim?

What do I need to know about installation?

We recommend that you use a professional installer and ask them to use the Measuring & Mounting page as a guide.

Can the trim be made to specific lengths or sizes?

Yes. Also, the pattern can also be adjusted, if needed, to fit into a specific space.

Can I get a quote without placing an order? How?

Complete the Pricing & Ordering page and click on "View Cart" to see your total costs, including shipping and tax, without obligation to purchase.

If I am interested in gingerbread for my home, but I want a style that is not in your Styles Gallery, what do I do?

You may call us at (305) 871-4753 or email your idea to: We will get back to you with a quote or will call to discuss.

What does Caribbean Gingerbread trim cost?

To see pricing, go first to the Styles & Prices page, select a style then make your other selections. You can see pricing and shipping cost, without ordering. Your order will not be placed until you enter your credit card info.

Can you ship to …

anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii? Yes. Canada? Yes. Bahamas? Yes. Caribbean Islands? Yes. Central America? Yes. We can arrange shipping practically anywhere, however, in some cases it may be easier and less expensive for us to use your shipper, if you have one.

Do you make the trim out of other materials than those listed?

Yes. We can make the gingerbread trim out of many woods, plastics and other synthetic materials. Click on Material Selection for more information or feel free to call us at (305) 871-4753 or email to:

How long will it take to get my Caribbean Gingerbread trim?

Our standard products ship within 3 weeks of the order date. If the order is over 100 pieces, we will advise on the manufacturing schedule.

Can Caribbean Gingerbread trim be used as molding inside a house?

Yes. It is flat and can be attached to most surfaces as a decorative feature.

Can the gingerbread trim be returned for a refund or exchange?

All of the trim is manufactured specifically for your order, therefore it cannot be returned.

Can I see what the trim will look like on my house or cottage?

Yes. Just click See It On Your House, at the bottom of the Styles page.

Do you have an electronic catalog or pdf of your products?

We do not have a separate catalog, however the information on this website should give you everything you need to place an order. If you have further questions, feel free to call us at (305) 871-4753 or email to: