Our Story

I am a lifelong native of Miami. Having grown up with a subtropical atmosphere and attitude, I enjoy Caribbean travel and the relaxed lifestyle. On our many trips to the Bahamas and the Southern Caribbean islands, my wife and I were drawn to the charming and beautiful gingerbread trim on many of the houses.

These images remained with me long after I returned home to the architectural sign company that I have owned for 30 plus years. Spurred by the beauty and simplicity of the Caribbean-inspired trim, I decided to create a line of running trim that we can manufacture using our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable craftsmen.

The original styles were strictly Caribbean but now include designs from many other locations that inspire me and that will work for virtually any home, resort or commercial building. My goal is to bring the relaxation and enjoyment of my favorite vacation spots home to me and to my customers.

Greg Law
Owner, Caribbean Gingerbread